Meet the Crew

Team Myelin

Jayshree Samanta

Credentials: MBBS, PhD (Neuroscience)

Position title: Assistant Professor


Jay loves to teach all things science to her padawans in the lab. When not thinking about science, she loves cooking multi-ethnic food, reading, running, hiking and bird watching. She is also the Samanta lab website czar.


Daniel Radecki

Credentials: PhD (Molecular Medicine and Genetics)

Position title: Post-Doctoral Fellow


Dan is working on novel pathways that regulate neural stem cell response to injury. Using in vivo transgenic mouse models, and in vitro mouse and human neural stem cells, Dan is investigating how degenerating areas of the central nervous system can signal and alter neural stem cell differentiation and migration. Outside of lab, Dan is involved in the Postdoc Association, and WiSolve business group at UW-Madison. He also likes to explore new recipes through cooking, trivia nights throughout Madison, and checking out new festivals during the summer.

Elizabeth Clawson

Credentials: BS (Biological Sciences)

Position title: Graduate Student (MCP training program)


Elizabeth studies pathways involved in oligodendrocyte regeneration following demyelinating injury, such as that seen in multiple sclerosis. Outside of lab, she enjoys getting outside on nice days for biking, kayaking and gardening and on cold days snuggling under a heated blanket to read murder mysteries and nonfiction with a cup of mint herbal tea. 

Sai Krishna Bhamidipati

Credentials: BS (Biotechnology)

Position title: Graduate student- CBMS program


Sai dances like nobody’s watching, when nobody’s watching! He is a perpetual dabbler and trying to ape new make-up trends is his current obsession. He shops with gay abandon (pun unintended). He likes collecting obscure words (agathokakological is his new favorite!). He enjoys writing, cooking, Zumba, and bad puns! He is a huge proponent of the Oxford comma. He can be found running amok in the lab, looking for reagents or complaining about the weather. He is currently working on characterizing a novel genetic mouse model of demyelination. He is also the Samanta lab twitter czar.

Christian Overman

Credentials: BS (Biochemistry)

Position title: Research Intern


Christian enjoys playing board games with his friends, exploring the city of Madison, playing with his dog, and trying fun and new ways to stay fit. His project involves studying mechanisms of remyelination in mouse models. He is also the lab ordering and lab maintenance czar.

Madison Thatcher

Position title: Undergraduate student (Biology), Class of 2023


Madison is an undergraduate student majoring in biology on a pre-dental track. Outside of the lab, she enjoys being active outdoors, painting, and spending time with her family. She is studying neural stem cells in mouse models of remyelination.

Abigail Johnson

Position title: Undergraduate Student (Genetics), Class of 2022


Abby is an undergraduate majoring in genetics on a pre-med track. Her favorite things to do in Madison are running to Picnic Point and playing beach volleyball with friends – even though she is not very good at it! She is examining glial cells in rodent models of remyelination.

Christeena Jojo

Position title: Undergraduate Student (Health Promotion and Health Equity), Class of 2022


Christeena is an undergraduate student majoring in Health Promotion and Health Equity and minoring in global health and stem cell certificate. She is on a pre-med track and wishes to pursue masters in public health. She is also the Captain of the Wisconsin School of Bhangra and in her free time, she enjoys painting, traveling, reading, and trying new foods. She also just started her plant collection.