Jayshree Samanta

Credentials: MBBS, PhD (Neuroscience)

Position title: Assistant Professor

Email: Jayshree.Samanta@wisc.edu

Jayshree grew up in Mumbai (India) where she completed her medical education from Grant Medical College. Subsequently, she earned her PhD in Neuroscience from Northwestern university, Chicago (USA). For her doctoral research she studied the molecular mechanisms responsible for oligodendroglial lineage commitment in neural stem cells of the developing mouse brain. As a post-doctoral fellow in New York University School of Medicine, New York (USA), she discovered that inhibition of Gli1 enhances remyelination by endogenous neural stem cells in the adult mouse brain. She started her lab in the School of Veterinary Medicine at UW-Madison in Nov. 2017. Her lab studies the mechanisms regulating the response of adult neural stem cells to injury.  She  loves to teach all things science to her padawans in the lab and when not thinking about science, she loves bird watching and hiking the Ice Age Trail with her family.